Monday, July 27, 2015

Our Croatian Adventure - Things to Do in Cavtat Part 2

If you tend to get a little stir crazy whilst on holiday, then this post may be for you. Today, I'm sharing just a couple of excursions which you can indulge in whilst in Cavtat. Of course, there are many many more options available on top of the two which I'm talking about today but I wanted to ensure we had plenty of time to relax by the sea during our short 7-day trip away.
First up on the list is our half day sea kayaking tour which we booked with Adventure Cavtat. This is a 2.5-3 hour tour which leaves from Cavtat harbour. This trip allows you to take in the Old Town from a distance before following the coast line towards an uninhabited island.
Throughout the trip you make a few stops whereby your guide will tell you a little about the history of Cavtat and share some local legends (and take a few shots of you in action if you ask nicely!).
Once you reach the island, there's time for a scrummy sandwich and some water before a short trek around the island itself.
If you fancy, there's also the opportunity to dive into a lagoon for a spot of swimming or snorkelling before heading back out to sea to complete the journey home.
This was one of our favourite parts of the trip, not least of all because it was just me, the other half and our tour guide Antonija. It felt like we'd had a private tour! We'd never been kayaking before, and whilst it was a little choppy at times on the sea, it was great to try something new.

Oh, and in case you're worried, you're given big waterproof barrels for all of your belongings so they won't get damaged or wet while you're out and about. As you've no doubt spotted, we were given life jackets as well, just in cases of course.
The other excursion we indulged in was the Elafiti Islands cruise on a replica galleon ship. After all, who doesn't want to feel like a pirate for the day?
During this day long tour which leaves from Dubrovnik, you will visit Kolocep, Sipan and Lopud all the while soaking up the Dalmatian sunshine.
This was probably one of the most expensive tours we did, but the price included the day long trip, some live music during our travels and a traditional lunch consisting of fish, vegetables and wine.
The first island was Kolocep which was the smallest of the islands. I was quite surprised to spot a hotel and a proper sandy beach here given that there are no cars or proper roads on the island at all.
We had about 30 minutes of free time here so we took a slow dawdle around the coast line before venturing back to the ship to continue on our travels.
Next up was Sipan which was the largest of the three islands we visited. Here you could still see some of the effects of the war with many buildings missing their roof or looking rather dilapidated. We'd been told the planning rules were quite rigid which meant locals would simply buy a new home as opposed to fixing their old one as they simply could not afford it. 
Here, we took the opportunity to venture to the local church and climb the many steps to the top of church tower.
From the top, you could see for miles and take in all of the olive groves.
Once we finished, we took some time to look around the church before heading back to the boat again for a bite to eat and to continue onto our final stop.
Again, you can see that the churches here are massively different to those we saw in Rome. They're certainly more modest for a start!
The final island on our tour was Lopud where we had the opportunity to hang about for around 3 hours before heading home.

Here we ventured to the local monastery, the local gardens and decided to sit back and relax on the beach.
We had hoped to venture a little further afield, however, the heat was so stifling that it felt like a little too much for us.
Seeking shade in the gardens seemed like one of the best things which we could do to battle the heat. That and scoffing an ice cream or two alongside downing as much water as you could manage in a short space of time.
After a fairly chilled out day, it was time to head home. It was at this time our captain pulled down the sails to take advantage of the windy weather and draw us home even faster.
All in all, I think we made the right choice with these two excursions as they were certainly a great way to get about and take in more of the country in a short space of time. If I had to pick only one tour, it'd be the kayaking as it was just amazing and so much fun. Not to mention, it was a frikken great work out to boot!

Next week I'll be talking Dubrovnik and Game of Thrones! I hope you're enjoying my mini travel series so far and that it's inspiring you to head to Croatia. Ad and I would go back in a heartbeat if we had the opportunity.


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