Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lush Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon - A Review

I'm a big fan of Lush, in a bid to help with my knee I've been having a few more baths with the hope that the heat will help reduce the swelling.  Yes, I probably could just use a heat patch, but there's something nice about running a hot bath and having a wee soak.

I spotted a couple of new bits and pieces since my last visit (which was such a long time ago, what planet have I been living on!) and the Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon was one such goodie at £3.25.  The name Bubbleroon stems from the fact that the product itself is shaped like a macaroon and is part of the Lush Bubblebar range.
The smell when you take it out of the packet is amazing, an uplifting combination of grapefruit and bergamot with a hint of cocoa.  As such, I used this in the tub on a Saturday morning to perk me up post Christmas party.

I passed this over to Ad to pop in the bath, and I think he expected it to fizz so please be aware that if you were to crumble this under the tap as intended with the Bubblebars, there would obviously be considerably more bubbles.  We tried to rescue the situation by crumbling this in the water and swishing it around, alas, it wasn't meant to be.
The Bubbleroon leaves your bathwater with a washed-out orange tint and I think I've managed to capture the glisten of the coconut oil and shea butter which is hidden inside.
The second you dive in, you can feel the oils moisturising your skin so this is a great treat if you really do need a bit of pampering. 

The smell lingers on your skin for hours afterwards and I was more than happy to skip the generous lashings of body butter post soak as my skin felt lovely and nourished.  I should also point out that you don't need to use the entire Bubbleroon in one go, you could easily get at least two baths out of one product, I was just feeling frivolous.  Overall a pleasant change from my usual bubble bath!

Have you used any of the Lush Bubbleroons?  What do you think of them?


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