Saturday, February 1, 2014

Laura Mercier Body & Bath Duet in Creme Brulee - A Review

I refuse to believe that I'm the only blogger who didn't get super excited about the Space NK Sale. I'll be honest and say things got a little mental in the Birmingham Harvey Nichols on boxing day and I may have purchased slightly more than intended.

One of the gems I managed to get my mitts on was the Laura Mercier Body & Bath Duet in Creme Brulee which cost me a whole £15! What a bargain.
The set comes with a 150g glass pot of Souffle Body Cream and a 150g glass pot of the Bath Salts both of which smell absolutely divine. What's better is that the smell actually lasts and lasts, I applied the body cream at around 6pm and now, at gone 9:30 I still smell good enough to eat (albeit I wouldn't recommend it, all that skin and bone probably don't make for good eating). 

The second I opened the gift box, I got a real hit of vanilla and some of those subtle caramel notes which make a Brulee so wonderful to eat.

The body cream is fabulous, it has a very light whipped texture and is packed full of vitamin E and shea butter. Not only does the body cream nourish and moisturise your skin but it doesn't leave your skin with that horrible sheen or feeling greasy like some moisturisers. A little goes a long way so I have a feeling this will be gracing my dressing table for many months to come.
The bath salts dissolve quickly in the tub and you don't need much to fragrance the water. If you want, you could even take a small handful of the bath salts, moisten them slightly and use them to lightly exfoliate the skin. I seem to have a habit of discovering multi-tasking treats eh?
All in all, this made for a lovely wee treat after a tough day. It made for a nice change to the usual routine and I'll be honest and say I actually enjoyed being able to carry the fragrance through to my evening rituals, it's so delicious, I'm pretty pleased I can have it hanging around a little longer.

Have you used any of the Laura Mercier Bath & Body Products? What do you think?

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  1. Hi! I like the Laura Mercier Honey Bath and was wondering if you have tried it? If you have which is the nicest out of the honey bath or the bath salts?


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