Monday, March 17, 2014

Lancome Air De Teint - A Review

As many of you may know, I prefer a more natural look when it comes to my make-up, I cannot be doing with heavy full coverage foundations. But, by the same token, when my skin is misbehaving, I can't deny my love of making it appear more refined than it actually is.

Previously, I have relied on the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua which is a cross between a foundation and tinted moisturiser, however, as of late, it has been making my skin look a wee bit orange. A replacement was needed!
This is where I say hello to the Miracle Air De Teint which I picked up for £29.50 from Boots in the shade 010. I've used a lot of Lancome products in the past, their mascara is wonderful, as is the Bi-Facil (amazing for removing waterproof eye make-up!) so I was quietly confident this would do a pretty good job.
This is marketed as a skin perfecting, blurring foundation which feels incredibly light on the face. In addition, it packs an SPF and promises to give your skin a glow whilst maintaining a matt finish. Heck, all I'll say is Penelope Cruz is fronting the campaign and she looks stunning! Moving onto the review of course.

The foundation is a little strange in that you dispense the product using a pipette, I used 3 drops to do the main part of my face and one drop on my forehead. I simply popped this onto my fingers before pressing my fingers together and, starting from the centre of my face, worked the product into my skin.
This is my skin before I applied the foundation, you can see some blemishes on the side of my face and a wee bit of redness around my nose. At this point I'm wearing nothing else on my skin other than my primer, to give you a clearer idea of how the foundation is on the skin, I made sure my primer had no luminous properties.
This is my skin post-foundation application. As you can see, the redness around my nose is gone and the appearance of the blemishes on my chin is significantly reduced. You can still see the blemishes on my cheek a wee bit but I wouldn't say this is a bad thing.

The appearance of my skin is incredibly natural with the foundation on, whilst you can still see some imperfections (which admittedly, could be easily covered with a touch of concealer) this actually helps to add to the illusion that I'm wearing no make-up. 

Most of the marketing around the product has been on the basis that this will help you to achieve that no make-up  look, and I think it fulfils that 100%. This product will be perfect for the summer and ideal for those looking for something lighter as the weather warms up.

In summary, I would say the following about this foundation:
  • Firstly, it really does feel like silk on the skin, when applying, it blends quickly and easily with your fingers, no additional buffing needed! *It's almost akin to the silky feeling you get from the Benefit Porefessional primer*
  • It's long lasting - over the course of the day, it didn't settle into any creases or lines
  • It does give your skin a matt look, but, still gives the impression of a wonderfully healthy glow. I have no idea how, please don't ask me.
  • In all honesty, I forgot I was wearing this, it really was that comfortable on the skin
This is a new favourite in my collection, have you tried Air De Teint? What did you think?


  1. lovely review, I'm in the market for higher end foundations but sadly my skin is no way in as good condition as yours! x

    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita

    1. My skin is misbehaving a little so I've upped to concealer!

      I would definately recommend trying out Japonesque (check my blog for a review) if you're after something with more coverage, it doesn' feel cakey on the skin but covers a multiude of sins ;p


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