Monday, May 26, 2014

Champneys - Mediterranean Bliss Shimmering Body Oil - A Review

So the Champneys Spa Indulgence Mediterranean Bliss Shimmering Body Oil (I didn't come up with the super long name) was another find on a recent rummage through my local Boots, albeit this one is not such a new product.
Before I start the review, I feel I should add a little context to why this ended up in my basket and that is my legs. They are ridiculously pale, look very odd in a skirt or shorts and no matter how much I seem to try, they never seem to tan leaving them looking either lobster red from trying or vaguely resembling that which belongs on a chicken. My point being, they make me rather self conscious.

Anyways, when the sun does come out, this undoubtedly means I cannot cover my shame with tights, it's to hot and to sticky thereby meaning it is completely impractical. In a bid to help with my abnormal dislike of my legs, I purchased a couple of products in the hopes that it'll make them look that little bit nicer.

I'd had my eye on something similar from Nuxe, however, given this was only £6.67 on offer in Boots, I thought I'd have nothing to lose!

I appreciate it looks pretty scary in the bottle, something akin to that which my 90's child self would use for a 'glow' but bear with me. Before using, you do need to give this a frikken good shake about to mix the oil and shimmer together.
Now the smell is gorgeous, I suspected the sesame oil element would be somewhat overpowering and nutty, but combined with jojoba, ylang ylang, sandalwood and patchouli oils it's actually incredibly pleasant on the old nose not to mention super nourishing on the pins. Given the budget price tag, I think it smells pretty darn expensive so this pleased me no end.
The shimmer within the oil isn't as in your face as you would lead you to believe, it's actually quite subtle. Don't get me wrong, there is quite clearly shimmer going on here (hence the name of the product) but it's certainly not offensive. I would say the glow it gives my legs is just right, from an onlookers perspective they certainly look healthy, hydrated and well, glowing. I've tried to capture the shimmer in the picture below which you can just about see.
Overall, I think this is a great budget buy and I will definitely repurchase once I've finished the bottle, I obviously cannot compare it to it's Nuxe equivalent as I've never used the shimmer version but there are plenty of reviews online. A little does go a long way so I suspect the bottle will last me most of the summer.

Have you used the Champneys Shimmering Body Oil? How does it compare to others on the market?


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