Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday Tasties No.35 - Honest Burger - A Review

Regular readers of my blog will know that Ad and I have been on a mission to find London's best burger and this weeks Tuesday Tasties sees us (and our good friend Tom) heading to the newest branch of Honest Burger in Oxford Circus.
Whilst there is a vegetarian option, I would say that Honest Burger is definitely aimed at the meat eaters among us with 5 beef options (featuring beef from the Ginger Pig) and a chicken option as well for those who are health conscious.
To start, it was drinks all round, I opted for ginger beer, Tom the homemade lemonade and Ad starting early with a Shoreditch Blonde. I love the retro jam jars with paper straws, it really fits with the vibe of the place and it's mismatched hand crafted furniture.
Ad fancied trying some sides of beer battered mini sausages and some curry style dip in addition to our burgers. The sausages were scrummy with batter being super crispy, the dip reminded me of the curry sauce from my local chippie in terms of taste, albeit a heck of a lot better in terms of quality and quite clearly free of any nasties.
Tom opted for the onion rings, again, featuring a super light batter, it was refreshing to have the onions stay put after every bite, normally I take a bite and the entire ring comes free leaving me with three quarters of a ring of batter. Please tell me y'all know what I mean, I can't convey this into words!
Lordie, look at the burger! Each burger comes with complete with rosemary fries which really are the shizzle. Ad & Tom both opted for Tribute burger, however, I'm sure what you really want to know is what I scoffed right?
Lets take a moment to absorb the gorgeousness that is my Cajun Special. 

This beauty features a blackened beef patty, fried onions, bloody mary ketchup, which incidentally trickled all down my hands, tomatoes and red leaf lettuce which you can see poking out the bottom. It was delicious and wolfed down as swiftly as I could manage without making an absolute mess, not easy given how juicy this bad boy was!
Ad reckons these are the best burgers in London, I'm a little undecided, I currently have two burger joints vying for my top spot and Honest Burger is one of them. All of the burgers are big and juicy, the staff are super friendly and the prices are reasonable with my burger and fries clocking in a just £10.

Overall, I'd recommend that you pop Honest Burger on your list of burger joints to try during a visit to London!

Have you been to Honest Burger? What did you think?

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  1. I'm so jealous there isn't one of these around by me! If I'm in London any time soon I will definitely give it a go (although I definitely thought you were talking about meat from a guinea pig and not a ginger one, my bad.)

    S xo



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