Monday, October 27, 2014

Dr Lipp - An Autumnal Multi-Function Wonder!

Today I thought I would do a miniature ode to one of my favourite beauty products, the Dr Lipp nipple balm (sniggers.)

Long time readers of my blog will know that I love multi-tasking beauty products and this one is an absolute corker on that front. Yes, of course its original purpose was as a healing balm for breastfeeding women, but over time it has become so much more than that!

My primary use of Dr Lipp is as a super hydrating lip balm, I'm yet to find anything that works as well as this stuff. It's only ingredient is lanolin which means there are no chemical nasties here! I'll try not to bore you too much with the science bit but the long and short of it is that because lanolin is so similar to our skins natural oils and lipids, your skin is quite happy to absorb it.

Other recent uses which I've discovered for this balm are:
  • For dude's into running...this can prevent serious chaffing, nuff said
  • Little cuts and scrapes can benefit from a light layer of this stuff, it will form a light barrier preventing bacteria from getting in whilst still allowing your skin to breathe and heal
  • Rub onto dry cuticles, I quite like to do this in the evening after slathering on a ton of hand cream and then popping on some cotton gloves
  • A smidge of this on your cheeks or over eye lids will create a cute and dewy gloss look
  • Another great use is around the sides of your nose, all of that blowing during cold season can really take it's toll and lead to dry and sore skin, this stuff is a total lifesaver and will ease the pain
  • Any patches of itchy or eczema like skin
So there you have it, a super multi purpose balm that will keep you going as the weather gets colder! 

What are your favourite uses for Dr Lipp? 


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