Saturday, April 11, 2015

Outfit Of The Day - The White Jeans

Round about October last year, one of my blogger friends, Liz over at With Wonder and Whimsy did THIS post where she totally rocked a pair of white jeans. I made a point of telling her she was totally rocking those jeans and let her know that I'd actually been avoiding lighter coloured denim like the plague. I'd always thought it'd make me look huge and draw attention to my thighs which were big enough already.

The point being, her post actually made me think twice about my white denim fears and made me realise that when worn with the right pieces, it could actually look pretty darn good. In step another buy from the new Loved By Mollie Collection at Oasis.
As a word of warning, I look seriously moody in most of these pictures. It'd been raining most of the day and the back of my spotlessly white jeans suffered the brunt of the rainy weather. Moving swiftly on though, I grabbed THESE gorgeous white ripped Isabella jeans from Oasis at the same time as my Utility Jumpsuit. I know that if I dither around long enough, my favourite pieces will be snapped up by more savy buyers and I'm determined not to miss out this time!
Today, I'm wearing:
Jeans: White Ripped Isabella Jeans - Oasis - £45
Top: Engineered Strip Tee - Oasis - £22
Jacket: Charlie Lightweight Parka - Oasis - £35 in the SALE!!
Boots: Clarks

First, a quick shout out to the Parka (which sadly went into the sale the week after I bought it...tres annoying) which was actually a piece Ad had picked out for me. It's a super transitional coat as it's lightweight, fashion forward in colour, incredibly flattering on and gives a sweet nod to the 90's trend currently going through it's first revival. Tis almost festival season so it's little wonder these sorts of jackets will be flying off the clothing rails!
Next, the cropped tee, I have to be honest and say I was a little self-conscious about baring my midriff to the world but on some level, I think this works. The balance of the fitted jeans and the looseness of the tee means it doesn't look overly juvenile, albeit I wouldn't go as far as saying it looks classy, cute maybe, but not quite classy.

The jeans, as you can see have just the right amount of distressing with super cute ankle zips, hidden by my boots, which add more interest and a touch of something different to what would otherwise be a super basic piece.
If you look closely enough you might be able to make out the track of puddle marks creeping up the back of my legs. Bloody rain, the below picture is dedicated to you!

How would you style white jeans? Any tips for removing puddle marks would be greatly appreciated, white jeans appear to be a little more high maintenance than anticipated. Still, totally worth it ;p


  1. Cute, Laura! Glad I inspired you to try white jeans! You're over there rocking them with confidence, and I'm still dithering on about them over here months later. lol I like your choice of pairing the snug, belted jeans with a loose, boxy tee. It's hip, kind of funky, and definitely playful. This is a great casual day outfit. Crops are so popular now, and bare midriffs are back in style! Granted, it's a very different midriff look than those from the 90s, and I'm so glad because I like today's trends much better. It's more like a peek of skin instead of baring your full-on midriff. I also like that crops come in boxy silhouettes because it means you can play with proportions and silhouettes. The cropped tube tops weren't quite so versatile. lol

    I love seeing your outfit posts because I feel like I get to see a whole different side of you. Your latest looks have this utilitarian-meets-fashionista vibe that I just love!

    <3 Liz

    1. You inspire me a lot more than you know!

      You shouldn't dither with them, you looked gorgeous in the post I linked to above and I reckon the peasant style blouse from your new collection with Cool Gal would lovely with them. The fitted jeans and loose flowing top, plus it'd be pink and white together, you can't get much better than that!

      I do love the boxy style silhouettes which are floating around at the moment, they often hide a multitude of sins which is just what you need. Us women always have those off days when we want to hide certain aspects of our body. The trend over here is for billowing midi skirts with a boxy crop which flashes the tiniest slither of skin, it's actually pretty classy, which, like you say, is a far cry from the 90's when it was belly buttons galore!

      Thank you for your comments about my outfit posts! I'm trying to be a little more regular with these kinds of posts but we'll see how long that lasts for :D

      Laura x


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