Saturday, June 6, 2015

Outfit of the Day - Black & Gold

This weeks outfit post is something a little different given that it was our 7 year anniversary. As such, I wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity to get seriously dolled up!
That means a little black dress, a pair of heels, big hair and a red lip courtesy of Chanel. Today I'm wearing:

Dress: New Look
Heels: Clarks
Hand Bag: Mary Portas
I actually grabbed this dress from New Look over the festive period and have to admit when I first spotted it, I wasn't overly sure. Why?
Well first of all it's incredibly fitted and so requires some seriously decent fitting underwear to keep things smooth and flattering. The second issue was its midi length which can leave us shorter ladies looking a little on the stumpy side if not styled correctly!
At a penny pinching £20 though, I thought it was worth a shot and a great opportunity to try something new and totally outside of my comfort zone. I think it was worth the chance, it fits like an absolute dream, the black panelling creates the illusion of a smaller waist and the sheer panel at the top makes things fun.
Make up wise, I wanted to keep things fresh with a gorgeous pop of colour. As a base I'm wearing the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue which I mentioned in my Monday post with a light dusting of Les Beiges on the top. On the eyes, I've smoked up some of the new Bobbi Brown longwear shadows and on the lips it's Chanel Rouge Coco in Arthur which I posted about a fair old while ago.
My hair comes courtesy of my newest toy, Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl which is an absolute dream to use. I'll be doing a post on this in the next couple of weeks as I've been so incredibly impressed with not only the ease with which I can curl my hair, but the fact that even the following morning, the curls were still in tact! AWESOME.
Overall I really loved this look, it was simple and playful and made me feel like $1,000,000 (Cue Mr Evil style facial posing!)

How would you style this dress? What are your tips for keeping your bodycon dress looking its best? Any tips and tricks on the underwear front?


  1. You loo pretty in this dress. xx


  2. Hot mama! You look fabulous in this dress. You would definitely turn my head on the street. Everything - from your hair, to your lipstick, to your shoes - is styled perfectly. And this dress fits you like a glove! What a steal at just 20 GPB! This, to me, is the ideal little black dress. It's classic and contemporary, sophisticated and sexy, simple and memorable. Happy Anniversary to you and Ad! I'm sure he was loving you in this look!

    <3 Liz

    1. Ha! Thank you Liz, I think it's the first time I've posted such a dressed up outfit on the blog. I'm sure you'd already spotted my dads comments on FB, apparently my lipstick is very red!!

      I can assure you, some heads were turned in Croydon when we ventured out, Ad just made sure he had his arm tightly wrapped around me ;p

      As I don't really get that dolled up very often, I really wanted to make an effort and pull something out of my wardrobe which I hadn't worn out before. You're right though, this piece is very simple but somehow sophisticated at the same time, what a buy! I do have a small selection of little black dresses but this one, believe it or not, is one of the lighter and less restrictive ones. It's currently very hot and humid here so I can't be doing with heavy fabrics.

      Thank you for your kind works as always :)

      Laura x


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