Monday, June 8, 2015

"You're As Good As Your Tools" Is Beauty Tech Really Worth The Investment? No.2

As I'm sure you can gather, today's beauty post is tech related and the second post in this series has been a seriously long time coming.
Today, I'm sharing with you the new Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl with Hydrotherm Technology which is currently available from QVC UK via the link above or from Babyliss directly. In short, this device curls your hair whilst conditioning and adding shine thus giving you salon perfect locks.
In the box you get the curling device itself, a spare water container, a cleaning device and an instruction manual (of course.)
I used this pretty much straight from the box and can honestly say, it was incredibly easy to use and took me about 10 minutes to do my hair without any previous experience of using such a gadget. To start with, please do ensure that your hair is brushed through as it'll be easier to grab sections to insert into the perfect curl.
The switch at the bottom turns it on and allows you to select one of three heat settings, Setting 1 (190 degrees) for fine hair, Setting 2 (210 degrees) for normal hair and Setting 3 (230 degrees) for thick hair. I used Setting 2 on my hair and found this was the perfect temperature for me.
To use, it's simply a case of switching it on, waiting for it to heat up (which took about 30 seconds), inserting a section of hair and waiting for the beeps to tell you that your hair is done. The second switch controls how long your hair will remain in the chamber for a therefore how tight your curls will be. The options are 8, 10 and 12 seconds for either loose & natural curls, soft & bouncy curls or tight & defined curls. I went for 8 seconds as I wanted something very loose and laidback.
If you add too much hair as I tried to above, the perfect curl will beep at you to let you know. You can then release your hair and try again with a smaller section. My hair did not get tangled or knotted at all.
If you've added the right amount of hair, the hair at the bottom of the perfect curl will disappear while it does its thing.
If you add some water in the little grey chamber you can see in the bottom left of the picture, you'll get a shot of steam to condition your hair.
Once you've heard the required amount of beeps, it's just a case of releasing the perfect curl and releasing your picture perfect waves. The top switch controls which direction the waves will go in, and again, there are three options, these being left, right or automatic which will alternate the waves for you making them look gorgeous and natural.
Just repeat the steps above all over your head to allow your curls to cool and then get your fingers in there to loosen things up. If you use a brush or a comb to loosen your waves things could get a little fluffy. Using your fingers and adding a little hairspray will give you that fresh from the salon look.
Overall, I absolutely loved the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, it took the guess work out of curling my hair and gave me perfect curls each and every time. Usually I can only get one side of my head looking half decent, but this time, my hair looked wonderful even right at the back where I can't even see! 

The other things I noticed were that my curls really lasted, 3 hours later and the curls were still going strong even though I hadn't used hairspray! Usually they drop significantly as I have such fine hair. The following morning, whilst the curls were very loose, they were still very much there and with a spritz of dry shampoo and a touch of product I was ready to hit the high street.

It's worth every single penny and I'd highly recommend it.

Have you tried the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl? Have you tried anything similar? What do you think? Would you be tempted to try it after seeing my post?


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