Saturday, June 13, 2015

Outfit of the Day - Getting Crazy

Today (i.e the day I'm writing my post) was one of those days. Whilst deciding what to wear, I obviously looked outside and noted the glorious sunshine and beautiful blue skies. As such, I thought it would be great opportunity to restyle my lovely blue Oasis midi-skirt.
I got dressed, obviously, made sure my hair looked lovely and opted to wear a pair of sandals. Naturally, this meant that the second we hoped on the bus, it started pouring with rain leading to my hair becoming a flat and scruffy mess. Onwards and upwards though, sometimes we have to make the most of what we have!
Once the rain cleared, we ventured back outside and quickly snapped a few shots of my outfit before another band of rain moved in. I refused to believe I got all dressed up for nothing, and so, without further waffling I can confirm I'm wearing:

Shirt: Boyfriend fit from Next
Skirt: Midi-skirt from Oasis
Shoes: Clarks
This week I took my style inspiration from Jessica Alba who I'd seen in the most beautiful midi-skirt with a loose fitting shirt and heels. Obviously Ms Alba looked considerably more polished than I do, but I think that despite my very flat hair, the look works and you can see what I was going for.
I love the fit of this shirt, it very loose despite being a size down from what I'd normally go for. For me this is a good thing, especially in humid weather as I hate wearing anything that's overly fitted and clingy. It just makes me feel restricted. 
As it's a boyfriend style fit, the sleeves are pretty long, making them awesome for rolling up, and the actual length of the shirt is pretty long to boot. The longer length makes it an ideal piece for tucking into skirts or trousers and also means it provides a good balance when paired with more figure hugging pieces such as skinny fit jeans.
I kept things looking feminine with my Oasis midi-skirt and it's oriental china blue print. You might remember this skirt from a post I featured during winter last year where I donned it with knee high boots and a chunky knit jumper. I think the tan sandals also add a more girly and feminine feel to things.
Just to prove I wasn't too sore about the rain ruining my hair, I decided to get a little bit silly and dance around. Just because....of reasons. I'd hate you guys to think that I couldn't laugh at myself!
Besides, sometimes it's the silly photos which prove that us bloggers are still human underneath it all and that what you see online is just a snippet of what we're really like. In the interests of showing you my crazy side, I hope these photos will make you smile.
Sometimes life isn't perfect but you just have to roll with it and show it you're not scared!

Are you still loving midi-skirts as much as me? How would you style a boyfriend shirt? Would you let the rain ruin a perfect good outfit shoot?


  1. I love that these photos quickly transitioned from thoughtful young lady to crazed ninja fashionista. lol Here you are in another oriental print - specifically, a gorgeous china blue pattern. I keep telling you how I'm loving this trend! I love this look. It reminds me of an outfit I wore a month or so ago: a chambray shirt, a blue lace midi skirt, and a tan belt and shoe. I think the tan leather accessories keep the look from being too prim or sweet. As always, you wear blue beautifully. And I just can't get over the print on that skirt. Love that you kept it a bit rugged and hip - as you do - with the chambray boyfriend shirt and leather sandals.

    I love midi skirts in theory and on models. They don't translate quite so well on me, given that I'm six inches shorter than most models. But I do own a fair few and try to give myself an extra boost with a high-heeled shoe when I wear them.

    <3 Liz

    1. Well I say, the rain destroyed my perfectly curled hair so I decided to just go a bit crazy and have some fun seeing as things wouldn't be just the way I had envisaged them being.

      I do love blue, I actually spotted that I have a heck of a lot more blue in my wardrobe than I'd first anticipated.

      I think I did take some inspiration from you here with your chambray shirt. I've even been tempted to layer a chambray shirt over a dress as I've seen you rocking this look before!

      I really can't quite put my finger on my style, it's a bit all over the place in my opinion. Sometimes I look quite chic and well put together and other times I fling stuff together and for some reason it just works. Maybe I'm lucky that way.

      A lot of the girls in my office have been saying the same thing about midi-skirts, perhaps if more stores offered them in the petite sizes then more ladies would get away with wearing them. Whilst I think they look OK with flats, you definitely need heels to elevate the look and keep you from looking stumpy!

      Liz, you have so many beautiful skirts, I'd love to know how you fit them all in your wardrobe as mine is currently bursting at the seams!!!

      Laura xxx


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