Saturday, August 22, 2015

Outfit of the Day - Geoprint Jumpsuit

Yup, I'm sharing yet another jumpsuit based post. I can't help it, at the moment I'm totally addicted to jumpsuits and playsuits not least of all because they're so simple to style! Just grab out of the wardrobe, slip on some gorgeous shoes and you're good to go.
Today I'm wearing:

Jumpsuit: Influence Geo Print Jumpsuit - Joy - £35
Shoes: Super old from Faith
Bag: Leather Satchel - Dr Martens 
First of all, I want to talk about my satchel which I was fortunate enough to win from the Dr Martens charity raffle at Pride in Brighton. It's their gorgeous Charro satchel, and is made from a dark brown leather which was customised in gold by a local Brighton artist called Rosie Toole. 
Whilst the customisation makes this piece truly one of a kind, it seems a shame to keep it cooped up in a dust cover in the cupboard. It's old school style and beautifully timeless construction means it really fits with my sense of fashion whilst adding something a little bit different. I do love my quirky and unique pieces.
Next, lets talk about this stunning Influence Geo Print Jumpsuit which I picked up from Joy online for a bargain £35. It has a real 70's feel to it with the geometric print in neutral colours and high waisted fit. The trouser legs are wide and flowing which meant that a wooden chunky heel was the perfect pairing footwear wise.
What really attracted me to this jumpsuit was the backless aspect which is accentuated by the double strap detailing and low fabric tie (excuse the tag sticking out, I cut it off when I got home). I do love an excuse to show off my tattoos whenever I get the opportunity
As you can see from the image below, the jumpsuit itself is high waisted which means that it really nips you in making for a really flattering fit. 
I got lots of compliments whilst out and about which is always a nice surprise! I purchased this in the last couple of weeks as a payday treat so it's still available for you to nab if it takes your fancy, they had sizes 10 through 14. I haven't spotted it in my local Joy store so it may be worthwhile simply purchasing online if you like the look of it. 

How would you style this jumpsuit? I'd thought about grabbing a floppy hat to add to the 70's aesthetic but I'd be grateful for your thoughts.


  1. This jumpsuit is fierce! And the handbag and shoes totally make it. It's super chic, modern, and sophisticated but still totally youthful and playful. What a great win with that satchel. The gold embossed print is so lovely. What a fun bag to pair with skinnies, equestrian boots, and a blazer this fall and winter! And those chunky heels are totally perfect. I feel like the wrong shoe could make the pants look frumpy and stumpy, but these are seriously perfect!

    <3 Liz

    1. As always thank you for your kind words Liz!

      I'll be honest, my feet was pretty battered by the time I got home, we had to stop and invest heavily in blister plasters...why do we insist on wearing gorgeous but uncomfortable shoes for the sake of fashion!!

      I was super pleased with my handbag win, I don't own many bags so naturally this has become my day to day. I've spotted the bag just seems to get better and better with wear albeit the print is starting to fade a wee bit.

      Thank you for your outfit idea, I'm feeling the Downton trend this season so a tweed jacket, equestrian boots and a dark burgundy polo would look amazing this fall and look great against a back drop of stark trees and orange leaves.

      Laura xx


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