Saturday, October 24, 2015

Outfit of the Day - The Aztec Print Dress

During a recent bout of sale shopping I tried to grab a few pieces which were a little outside of my usual comfort zone. I think it's safe to say that this boldly printed maxi is not something you'd expect to find me wearing.
Today I'm wearing:
Boots: Black Suede Ankle Boots - Next
Fedora: Felt Fedora Hat - Ted Baker 
Bag: Dr Martens
When I purchased this piece, it was only £12 and I kinda thought to myself "what the heck, what've you got to loose?" and added it my basket. I think it's safe to say that with its bold Aztec print it adds something a little different to my wardrobe. To keep the focus solely on the dress, I've added a plain black fedora, a pair of black ankle booties and my fail-safe handbag.
Despite maxi dresses being affiliated with warmer times of year, the weighted fabric and the flared kimono-esque style sleeves do lend this dress to cooler weather. You might not believe that I'm actually wearing a pair of  black thermal tights under this baby to keep me toasty! This dress is pretty opaque despite the white panelling so don't worry about revealing anything untoward.
When I first tried this on, I wasn't convinced it was very me at all, but Ad convinced me to keep a hold of it. I've got to admit I'm glad he did, he's really grown on me. I mean the v-neck is obviously timeless and chic and the elasticated waist nips me in just enough to keep this dress from looking frumpy.
The weightiness of the fabric ensures this dress hugs me just enough without highlighting all of my lumps and bumps. Plus, the best part of all? This dress does not crease! I mean not at all, after a whole day waddling around London, popping out for dinner, and a stint in the movies, there was not a single crinkle in this baby!! 
As such, this dress would be perfect for travel or packing away for a holiday away in the sunshine. Just add a fedora, a pair of sunnies and some sandals and you're ready to go. As I've said above, whilst the fabric is weighty, it fits and skims in all the right places without being restrictive, it's so comfy.
Today, it was all about simple pared back make-up. Today I'm wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, No.7 Wheatsheaf eyeshadow and Tarte Lipstick in Primrose. I've curled my hair with my Babyliss curler as it's goof proof and ensures the curls last for hours.

How would you style this dress? Have you tried any of the Tarte Lipsticks? Have you purchased South dresses before? I think I might be a new convert!


  1. This is a great silhouette that really highlights your rockin figure! The Aztec print is a surprise from you, but the palette is actually quite subtle and cool. I think Aztec prints are one of the most versatile prints for transitioning from summer into fall. This dress would look equally fabulous with gladiator sandals and bangles in the summer.

    It's funny to realize that some people are starting to feel winter weather when we've barely experienced fall weather yet. Today I managed to layer a sweater over a chambray shirt without roasting to death, so we must be on our way!

    <3 Liz

    1. I swear I replied to you AGES ago, I'm seriously having trouble with my comments!

      Thanking you for your kind works about my figure, given my love of food, I can assure you that a ton of exercise is required. Alas, we're heading into the festive season and I fully intend of putting myself into a sugar coma on a weekly basis ;p

      It's funny you say gladiator sandals and bangles, I'm thinking of donning this dress on my flight to Mexico as it's loose and flowing and I reckon the bangles and sandals would pop me into holiday mode before I've even ventured off the plane!

      Has your weather taken a turn yet? We're due snow this weekend and I reckon the electric blanket will be making it's annual trip from the cupboard to the bed, it's getting nippy!

      Thank you as always for your lovely kind words Liz, they're much appreciated!

      Laura xx


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