Saturday, October 3, 2015

Outfit of the Day - Cherry Blossom Print Shift Dress

Generally I'm not one to buy into a celebrity line of clothing as they can be incredibly hit and miss. However. when I saw this print, I knew this was one item that I needed in my wardrobe as they're the perfect colours for autumn/winter.
Today I'm wearing:

Dress: Rochelle Humes Floral Shift Dress - Very - £49
Belt: Obi Belt - Mango
Shoes: New Look
Like I say, the thing that really grabbed me about this dress was this absolutely gorgeous cherry blossom style floral print. There's shades of pink, red, orange with a base of black to tie everything together.
As I prefer things to be a little more nipped in, I opted to wear this with an obi style belt to accentuate my waist. Without this, the fit is typical of a shift dress and fairly straight throughout the body, however, there are a couple of aspects which make this dress stand out from your average run of the mill shift dress.
First of all, the sleeves, as you can see in the above shot are quite long, slightly wide and almost fluted in style thus giving a nod to the current 70's trend which has swept the nation. 
Next up, the length of the dress is a little shorter than your typical office dress. This was advertised as being a mini shift dress, but at 5ft 6" I didn't think this came up particularly short on me, in fact, I found the length to be perfect for me. 
Overall, the higher neckline, longer length sleeves and shorter skirt make this the perfect dress to go from office to bar. It also helps that the fabric has a nice amount of stretch which not only makes the fit snug in all the right places, but there's also a bit of give should you decide to over indulge!
As I was popping out for a lovely lunch with the other half, I decide to keep my make-up and hair super fuss free for fear of being totally over dressed! My hair is at that difficult length where I can't do anything particularly fancy with it so I just pulled it into a tiny side plait which duly fell out 10 minutes later, I tried though!

How would you style this dress? What would you do with your hair...I'm in need of suggestions! What do you think of the print? Are you a fan of celebrity collaborations? 


  1. I need to be on my phone so I can use the heart eyes emoji. I am in LOVE with this look. You look positively chic with just a hint of that Laura edge. The obi belt finishes the look perfectly. I rarely think to belt a sheath, but I think you nailed the styling by adding the belt. And the red floral print is romantic, autumnal, and fiery all at the same time. If you want to edge it out a little, I might try it with a clunky moto boot and black moto jacket. You could also pair it with a wine colored tight and a chunky knit cardigan in a neutral brown or mustard hue (oooh! and maybe a floppy rancher hat!).

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanking you Liz! I saw the print and I just had the have it, the colours are gorgeous and so in keeping with fall.

      I'm not used to wearing straight fitting dresses so adding the belt made things a little more in my comfort zone. I'm kinda scared of looking as though I'm wearing a bag! Nipping in the waist makes me feel a little better on that front.

      I'd never thought of wearing the dress with a chunky cardigan so thanks for the tip! I do have a mustard boyfriend knit cardigan, I don't actually think I own anything chunky though. Surely this is the perfect excuse to hit the shops?

      I've actually got a dress coming up this weekend that I reckon would look great with a black moto jacket and boots, I've not worn my moto jacket since early spring so it'd be nice to bring it out of hiding me thinks :)

      As always, thanks for your kind works and your styling tips! I always get stuck in a rut with styling so it's handy to get another opinion.

      Laura x


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