Saturday, February 22, 2014

Em Lip Gallery - Creamy Colour Sheer Lipstick - I'm Taken All Red-y - A Review

So recently you may have missed my delightful twitter post confirming my sheer joy at receiving a delivery of Michelle Phan goodies. For those of you not familiar with Michelle, she's a pretty big deal over on the Youtube, so much so, L'Oreal decided to help her create her own line of cosmetics. Que Em by Michelle Phan.

The reason for so much excitement on my part is that her line isn't currently available in the UK, but her site now offers international shipping so I ordered as much as my purse strings would allow. Today, I'm going to be focusing on the lipstick (seriously, NEED MORE OF THESE) but please keep your eyes peeled for more swatches and my first ever video where I'll be using all of the goodies I ordered.

I decided to go for one of Em's sheer lipsticks as I can't say I'm particularly brave when it comes to the colour front.There are a choice of 10 shades here ranging from nudes to beautiful lilacs and I went for I'm Taken All Red-y, one of the more vibrant colours available.

The packaging itself it super cute, see below. All of the products have a wee story written on the side detailing who the products are aimed at. Given natural looking make-up tends to be my look of choice, the summary below is pretty on-point.
The lipstick tube itself is super sturdy so I'm not in the least bit worried it'll get cracked or bashed whilst flipping around in my handbag.
The colour itself is nice and creamy, and whilst it's certainly sheer, don't take this to mean it doesn't offer a subtle pop of colour.
There is a wee bit of shimmer in this, however, you can only really spot this if you look hard enough and it does fade quite quickly. After an hour or so, the colour becomes more like a stain on your lips, but, it's still noticeable. I definitely spotted a couple of ladies staring at my lips.
I double checked and there was nowt on my teeth so I'll hazard a guess it was my lippie which caught their attention. I hope you can get a feel for how the colour looks against my super pale skin.
You can pick these up for $15 each from the Em Website it's worth noting that I ordered this on a Wednesday and my order was with me in the UK by the following Tuesday which is much quicker than expected. 

I loved this lipstick, it's a welcome addition to my collection without being to far out of my comfort zone. I'm hoping to place my next order soon so if there's anything else you think I'd like, let me know!


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