Saturday, April 5, 2014

Simple Things Which Never Fail to Make Me Smile

So, recently I did a post about mental health, and more specifically Anxiety and my own battle over the years. For those of you who missed it, you can find the post HERE.

Anyhow, moving on from this, sometimes I think it's necessary to focus on the little things which do make you happy as this can help you to overcome any attacks which you may be having. I myself am a girl of simple pleasures, I'd like to think I'm pretty low maintenance in that respect and being easily pleased is not something which I'm ashamed of.

Today I'd thought I'd share some of the stuff & things which never fail to bring a smile to my face. This can be because of the positive associations I have with them, the memories they bring back or just because they're awesome, if they're the latter, that's pretty much the END OF THE DISCUSSION.

So, what's on my list of stuff & things I hear you cry? Well, brace yourself because this list is groundbreaking:

Cuddles/Hugs/A big squeeze - Whatever you like to call them. No, I'm not talking about just any random cuddle from a stranger,I'm thinking more along the lines of my other half, my parents and the like. Even when you're having the worst of days, something so simple can make everything seem that little bit better. I'm hoping some of you know what I mean or else I just sound like a crazy person.

Ben & Jerrys - All Varieties - Seriously, what woman hasn't tried Ben & Jerrys, it's like the holy grail of ice cream  and I can hand on heart say, I've never opened a tub without polishing it off in the same sitting. I should point out that I do have some help from Ad, but I'm sure he can attest to the fact I treat my spoon as a shovel and I'm not particularly lady like when it comes to stuffing my face with this stuff. Pure, sugar induced heaven if you ask me.

A Good Hot Shower - Especially after a particularly tough workout, our shower at home isn't great by any stretch as it doesn't quite have enough pressure for my tastes, nevertheless, it's still a welcome treat when my muscles are twitching.

Soap & Glory - Sugar Crush Shower Gel - This should probably be read with the above. Seriously, the side next to the shower in our bathroom is packed full of  numerous shampoos, conditioners and facial cleansers, however, I currently only have ONE SHOWER GEL it really is that good! The smell of this is slightly zingy and reminds me of Love Hearts or Refreshers in that it's almost like sherbet. Ahhhhh, things were so much easier when we were younger eh?

Freshly Washed Bedsheets - I need to say here and now that I am weird. I love cleaning, I get excited when I can try a new cleaning product. The same applies to new fabric softeners or new detergent. Nothing beats climbing into freshly washed and dried sheets that smell amazing, this is bliss for me and comfort at its cheapest.

Cookies - No variety is excluded, I like mine soft and a little gooey. I've recently discovered Pepperidge Farm....dear lord those cookies are epic.

Marks & Spencers Percy Pigs - Some are better than others in my books, I really enjoy the veggie versions but I know some people aren't keen on the texture. They're wonderfully juicy and have a blackcurrant/raspberry flavour, in short, they're delicious and you need to try them.

Enjoying the Sunshine - In the summer months, I tend to grab a book or magazine and sit in the sunshine over my lunch breaks at work. It's nice to just relax and empty your mind for a while before heading back to the mad house. Something about the sunshine just makes everything seem better eh?

Music - A couple of my favourite tracks at the moment are linked below. They have a summery feel and just bring back memories of all the awesome stuff I've done over the years.

And here's not forgetting a shameless plug for my other half. This is a track he actually remixed with his musical mentor Lenny, I'm a sucker for vocal tracks and this is on my i-pod every morning. As a wee bonus for you lovely lot, it's available for free download.


What are the things you rely on to bring a smile to your face?


  1. It is the small things which make the difference. Freshly washed sheets are a total Sunday night pleasure which I definitely don't get enough of.

    1. I know right? There is just something so satisfying about it, it's a bit of a Saturday ritual in our house!


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