Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Tasties - No.37 - The Lunchtime Edition

At lunchtime, I'm keen to avoid anything overly heavy for fear a super dodgy meal will give me a slump come three in the afternoon. Today, I thought I'd share some ideas for lighter lunches which are super scrummy (in my opinion anyway) and should give you everything you need to keep you going until dinner.
Just looking at these photos is making me hungry. In case you hadn't gathered, I frikken love food, like seriously LOVE my food. Most of my day is spent thinking about my next meal and to me that's ok, I really don't get people who just see food as sustenance.

Moving on, above, I've posted photos of three different lunch time yum-fests I've been indulging in.
Trout with Horseradish New Potatoes and Beetroot- The flavours here work so well together. I just boiled the new potatoes until they were cooked before leaving to cool. Whilst the potatoes are cooling, pop on the pan and cook your trout. Once that tatties have cooled, I stirred through some cubed beetroot, a big dollop of crème fraiche and some horseradish to taste (I really enjoy a bit of zing). To serve, pop some rocket on the bottom, your new potatoes go next and top with your trout.
Butterflied Sugar & Spiced Chicken with Curried Slaw - I actually butterflied the chicken myself before marinating it for as long as possible with smoked paprika and sugar amongst other things (if you want the recipe let me know!). By roasting in the oven, the smoky notes are really heightened and the sugar ends up caramelising. It's the perfect compliment to some home-made coleslaw, I added some sliced apples to give it some bite. By making your own slaw, you can control what goes into it as opposed to buying from the store where it'll inevitably be packed with full-fat mayo and preservatives. YUCK. 
Ciabatta with Roasted Courgettes & Peppers - I start this dish by roasting courgettes and peppers in the oven for around 30 minutes so they're soft and gooey. Then I layer up the sliced ciabatta with some tomato & basil sauce on the base (we make our own but store bought will do) and then placing some of the peppers and courgettes on top before topping with some crumbled feta and popping everything back into the oven for 5-10 minutes to get some colour.

What do you enjoy for a light lunch meal? Do you have any suggestions for me to try?


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