Saturday, July 12, 2014

Embracing Geekdom......

If you and I are to continue being friends, I feel that there a couple of things Id' like to share about non-beauty related bits and pieces which totally rock my socks off when I find a spare few minutes!

Some things you might not 'get' but that's ok, so long as you're down with how I roll, who knows, perhaps my post will inspire you to embrace your own inner geekdom a wee bit more.

I'm a Playstation girl through and through - I had a PS when it first come on the market many many moons ago. My Dad actually bought this for me and my sister to share and I remember us taking it in turns to play through levels of Tomb Raider.

Then came the PS1 (which was a dinkier version), a PS2 (slim line all the way), Ad has a PSP and finally there's our PS3, the first one we had was the original but we've since got the slim line version as ours was obviously stolen (BOOOOOO!) which annoyed me immensely, mostly because I'd lost all of my gameplay! It's a seriously sad time when the data from that game you spent hours completing has vanished in the blink of an eye.

Final Fantasy VIII will always have a place in my heart- Ad and I recently completed 13 which was a massive effort on our part (around 65 odd hours of gameplay I'll have you know) but it was so satisfying to finally complete a FF game. Anyone who's a fan of the franchise will know how long these things take to complete.

I've played most of the FF games, but VIII is definitely my favourite. I've never completed it as someone who shall remain nameless, accidentally deleted my game when I was on the final boss, the PS3 was pinched and now I'm playing it through for the third time. Fingers crossed it's third time lucky.

I frikken love the Minions - who doesn't? They're super cute, I have some slippers named Dave and Horhe and a cuddly Minion on my bed named Steve. Oh yes, they're all named, if Gru finds the time to name his employees then I can find the time to name my newest companions.

Fun fact, I actually noticed that the Minions do occasionally speak sense, they actually say Kampai in one scene which is actually Japanese for cheers. True story.

I do cos-play - probably because I never quite grew out of dressing up. I really enjoy pretending to be someone else for the day. Sure people staring and blatantly taking a picture of me without asking is a little frustrating but once I'm where I need to be, the atmosphere and the crowd are always amazing.

It's not about flashing the flesh, it's about making an effort and having fun. If I happen to make a few random strangers smile on the way, it's just a cheeky bonus for me. It's also kinda cool that it's something that Ad is quite happy to play along with as well.

Apparently, I have one cos-play pose, please excuse me.

I'm trying to learn computer coding - try being the main focus here. My brain isn't the most artisticly wired but I love a challenge which is why I'm sticking at it. Computer coding is massively nerd, especially when I starting talking integers floats and whatever else I'm playing with this week.

Whilst some people may think the above is just plain weird, it's ok, I'm cool with me and my friends seem to be pretty cool with it as well.

Are you a Playstation fiend? Big fan of animation perhaps? Be sure to let me know! 


  1. Ha! I love this! I am not a gamer or a cosplayer, but Kyle is a super gamer geek (he's even in the very long process of designing his own game) and I've always been fascinated by cosplay. I love dressing up and putting imagination into fashion. I just don't have a love of any particular character. Now, if there were more historic era inspired fairs or conventions, I'd be at them all! I love the Renaissance Festivals, and would love to dress up in Jazz-age era fashions, as well. We go to a couple of speak-easy bars where I dress up in period-inspired fashion. You know I'm one for a theme!

    I love that this is something you and Ad can do together, and you look so cute in your costumes and wigs. Thanks for sharing this "not-so-secret geek" part of your life!

    <3 Liz

  2. I've always been a bit of a gamer, it was funny because when Ad and I first got together, he didn't really game all that often. I've bought his inner gamer back to life, I blame Resident Evil 4, such a good game!

    I love dressing up, it's strange but I feel more confident when I'm getting into cosplay, I suppose it's because I can pretend to be someone else for a while, I can be anyone I fancy! When it come's to playing with fashion, I'm quite the opposite and incredibly shy, practice makes perfect I suppose. Cosplay conventions are great, it's almost like going to the Rocky Horror Show, if you don't dress up you'll feel very out of place!!!

    I'd love to see some pictures of you at a Renaissance Festival, I already know you'll look awesome, your sense of style is fab!!!

    Laura x


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