Saturday, September 27, 2014

Beauty Update - Reviews to look forward to!

Today, my post shall be short and sweet!

I know that lately most of my posts have centred around food and fashion and that on the beauty front, things are a wee bit quieter than normal. Now, this isn't because I've lost my love of beauty products, I mean, this is me we're talking about, do be serious! This is mainly because I'm trying out lots of different bits and pieces which I really want to test drive before reviewing. 

In addition as I'm a frugal soul, I obviously can't justifying purchasing like a gazillion cleansers and shampoos, I gotta use stuff up first. 

Anyways, here are some bits I'm currently trialling (or I've picked up and plan on trying soon) and my initial thoughts, I will be doing a more thorough review in due course so please do keep your peepers peeled.
So the first thing is the Caudalie Divine Legs which I purchased towards the start of the summer as I am a terrible fake tanner, I tried to it once and never tried again. I've only had the chance to use it a couple of times but I will say the following 1) No it doesn't go on the skin that dark a colour, 2) it washes off with soap and water and 3) it takes a little practice to apply properly but isn't overly fiddly.
A more recent purchase is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray which I actually got in the smaller size as I didn't want to commit to the full size just yet. First impressions? It certainly seems to do what it says on the tin. I popped my make-up on at around 11am on Saturday morning before heading off for a VIP Experience to see the Saturdays. On inspection of my fizzog on the way home at 11pm on Saturday evening, my eyeshadow had barely started creasing.
I am loving this range right now and lets be honest, sometimes we can't be bothered with a full cleanse. Wipes are the lazy girls option and these Yes to Brightening Wipes are lovely and zingy and do seem to lightly exfoliate and brighten my skin. My first thoughts are that these are an absolute bargain and I'm keen to get my mitts on the cucumber ones next.
Finally, I actually treated myself to the travel sizes of the new Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil range with a Boots gift voucher I received from my old work colleagues. I love Bumble & Bumble, but as the products can be a little on the pricey side, I don't always let myself splurge. As these are nice and small in size, I can try the whole range without committing and spending a fortune. As they're travel friendly sizes their ideal for any little adventures we may find ourselves on!

See, I have been busy! Keep your peepers peeled for some thorough reviews soon.


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