Saturday, September 13, 2014

Yes to Cucumbers Daily Cleanser - A Review

I do love me some natural beauty products, but blimey, sometimes they don't half break the bank! Step in Yes to...their products are formulated with 95% natural ingredients in addition to being Paraben and SLS free making them ideal for those with sensitive skin. In addition, none of their products are over £15 making the Yes to range an affordable way to treat your skin.

I've only tried to Yes to Cucumber range thus far which is specifically aimed at those with sensitive skin but there is also Yes to Carrots for normal to dry skin, Yes to Blueberries for fine lines and a couple of other lines which feature a variety of skin care goodies.

Moving swiftly on, today I want to talk to you about the Yes to Cucumbers Daily Cleanser which is usually £6.99 in Boots.
When I picked up this product, I wanted something gentle enough that I could use everyday, but something with enough punch that it would remove all of my make-up. That meant it had to be gentle enough that I could use this over the delicate eye area without masses of tears.

The Yes to Cucumbers Daily Gentle Cleanser contains cucumber (OBVIOUSLY) to sooth and cool the skin, Aloe Vera to refresh and gently hydrate and Green Tea to help fight breakouts.

So, what did I think? 

Given the price point, both Ad and I are seriously impressed. I started using this the weekend of a friends wedding. As Ad and I were playing pretty key roles, naturally we were feeling a little flustered and our skin was showing signs of stress! 

After using for a couple of days, Ad's skin had calmed right down, no more blotchy skin, and signs of redness had been significantly reduced. I'm not saying the blemishes had mysteriously vanished or anything, but the redness had gone right down.

For me, my skin reacted in much the same way, and I am pleased to confirm this stuff was successful in removing almost all of my make-up, there was some remnants of mascara but when it's waterproof it's gonna be tough to remove. On the eye front,  there were no tears which is quite a feat given most cleansers nowadays cause serious stingage. 

I did try to get a photo of the cleanser itself but my camera was having none of it. As such, I can confirm the gel has a light green colour, foams up slightly (don't expect anything excessive foam wise given there's no SLS) and you need around a 50p sized blob to do your entire face. The only down side is that I'm getting through this stuff incredibly quickly, namely as Ad and I appear to be using it most days. The plus side, it's currently 1/3 off in Boots so I'll be grabbing some extra!

Have you used any of the Yes to cleansers? What do you think? 


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