Saturday, October 4, 2014

Outfit of the Day - Unusual Details

So a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win a competition with Garnier to go VIP to watch 'The Saturdays' at their Greatest Hits Tour in Brighton and meet the girls before hand. I was pretty nervous, I mean, those girls are all gorgeous and I had no frikken idea what to wear. I wanted something comfortable enough to wear for the whole concert, but that little bit glamorous so I could at least look ok when meeting the girls . When in doubt, I've always thought to myself K.I.S.S in other words, Keep it Simple Stupid.
Whilst my outfit was fairly simple, I added a couple of quirky details like my tote and necklace to jazz things up. Today I'm wearing:

Dress: Joy - Louche Berlynn Dress - £20
Necklace: Hema -£4
Bag: Lulu Guinness
Shoes: Clarks - these boys are old faithfuls. 

First of all, lets talk about the dress, it's a gorgeous jersey material and from the front, it looks like a pretty standard fitted jersey dress. It has a round neckline, half sleeves,  it's elegant yet simply cut and hugs in all of the right places. In that respect, you'd be right, it is a fairly standard jersey dress, but in the words of Fat Amy, "it's very reserved in the front but party in the back."
I love the racer back style detailing on this dress and that's what really caught my attention in the first place as I love pieces with something that's a little bit different. That, and the fact that it was 50% off in the sale making it a wee bit of a bargain.
As I wanted the focus to be on the dress, I paired it with my faithful Clarks boots (the comfiest pair of boots I own FYI) and this super cute geometric necklace from London's newest store, Hema. I believe that Hema are based in Amsterdam and they've just opened a couple of stores here in the UK. I have to say, it's awesome, bargains all around and some pretty unusual offerings in the jewellery department. 
Make-up wise, it's much the same, except this time, I wearing a red lipstick from the new L'Oreal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds, this is the shade Julianne which is aimed at fairer skin tones. I reckon it just helps my outfit to pop that little bit more and takes things from plain and uninteresting to Woooaaaahhh There! 
Anyways, what we all came here for was 'The Saturdays', see I told you they were gorgeous! Just look at how smug Ad looks, I mean, after all, he is stood next to Molly King so who can blame him.

How would you style a jersey dress? Have you visited Hema yet?


  1. K.I.S.S. Brilliant! Something I definitely need to keep in mind more often. Can I just say that you look smokin' hot! And added a bit of "rawrr" and playfulness with your tote? I think this outfit was the perfect choice. The front of the dress is so classic and hugs your figure beautifully. Your make-up is classic and lovely, and so is your hair. And then BAM! Surprise strappy sexiness on the back of the dress. Such a great detail. You look so hip and chic. Ad is definitely smug because his lady is the hottest of the bunch. (That is what I would tell myself. lol) Po-pow!

    <3 Liz

    1. Hahaha! Thanks Liz, I do try ;p

      When I first grabbed the dress I was a little like 'mmmmm, bit plain' and then saw the back and I was hooked. I love things which have a little something extra and I'm kinda a sucker for quirky details.

      Thank you so much for all your lovely compliments! I'm not entirely convinced Ad was looking all smug because he was next to me thoguh, his mates all have the hots for Molly and he got to stand next to her....I guess he's pretty lucky eh?



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