Saturday, May 16, 2015

Outfit of the Day - The Daisy Jumpsuit

I have to admit, I don't usually shop in Topshop. Their sizing doesn't really suit me or my proportions and their clothing is so high fashion I don't envisage wearing it enough to justify the price tag.
During a recent visit however, I spotted this cute daisy print culotte jumpsuit and took the plunge. Today, I'm wearing:

Jumpsuit: Topshop
Jacket: Oasis
Belt: Topshop
Shoes: Clarks
First of all, on the sizing front, Topshop are still way off for me. I tried on a 10 which, whilst I got it on and zipped up, it felt so snug around my boobs that I was concerned the stitching would pop at any moment!

The body was also so short in the 10 that bending over and attempting to do yoga was impossible. Of course, that's what people do in jumpsuits. But on a serious note, moving around was very uncomfortable and things were riding into nooks and crannies which really isn't cool.
As such, I opted for the 12 which, whilst much much better in the body, is a little loose around the bust region as you can see in the photo above (speaking of which, Ad captioned this "no jacket, get away from me!"). I tried to nip the jumpsuit in with a belt but it did mean there was a little bunching around the cut out sections in the side. It shouldn't cost too much to get in nipped in I reckon.
Moving back onto the positives, the cut out detailing is sweet and simple which matches the super cute daisy print dotted across the jumpsuit. The jumpsuit itself is lovely and loose and from the right angles it looks like I'm wearing a midi dress, LOVE!
I paired the outfit with a robust and fitted denim jacket and these gorgeous gladiator inspired sandals from Clarks. The leather is lovely and soft, the heel nice and dinky and, because they're Clarks, there is lots of padding around the base of the sandal to cushion the balls of your feet. This was the first time I'd worn these and they didn't rub at all.
To keep things young and fresh, my make-up, as always was really paired back and my hair was sleek and simple. I really wanted the focus to be on the jumpsuit as it's such a statement piece!
All in all, whilst Topshop still need to sort their sizing, I did love this piece. It was cute, playful, could be dressed up and down and felt lovely for spring! Once I've had things nipped in a little, I can see me wearing this a lot which is another tick in the RESULT box for me.

Have you tried Topshop jumpsuits before? How do you find their sizing? Are you enjoying the jumpsuit trend?


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