Monday, September 7, 2015

Origins Original Skin Serum - A Review

I've been on the hunt for a new daytime serum for a little while now, but it's been tough to narrow down exactly what I'm after. As I suffer from hormonal acne, I'm always seeking something to calm stressed out skin, but, at the same time, I want something that will help my skin glow and, if possible help fade old acne scars.

I'd been trialling several new serums, each for a few weeks at a time having blagged myself some samples from various counters at Space NK, Boots and House of Fraser before finally settling on the new Origins Original Skin Serum.
I'd only been trialling this for a week before I purchased it, granted this isn't that long in the skincare world but hear me out! Given I'd had four ladies compliment me on my glowing complexion in the last week I naturally took this as a sign that something must be right in my routine. The only item which I'd been changing up during my hunt for a new serum was the serum itself, my moisturiser, eye cream and cleansers had stayed the same.
As a cheeky little bonus, Origins were doing a free gift of three free deluxe samples along with a recycled cotton pouch which will no doubt come in handy during the course of my travels. I choose the Checks and Balances cleanser, the Drink Up Intensive Mask (which by the way smells incredible) and the GinZing eye cream.
Back to the serum however. and it promises to give your skin a noticeable glow by de-stressing the skin with Persian Silk Tree, smoothing roughness and refining skin texture with Chestnut Seed Extract as well as helping minimise flaws and dullness with Willowherb.

I'd never herd of Willowherb before, however, the lovely ladies on the Origins concession advised me that Willowherb is found in Canada and is known to withstand very extreme environments. Its inclusion in the serum apparently helps to inhibit a protein change that can lead to dullness and discolouration. The Chestnut Seed Extract helps to rid the skin of dead surface cells thus revealing smooth and soft skin.
I'm currently polishing off the last of my sample pot before cracking open the full size but given the noticeable results are already kicking in I have no doubt that the results will only get better over time. The serum sinks in quickly, works well under my make-up and has a lovely citrus like smell which makes it a pleasure to use in the mornings.

My skin is certainly more glowing, my scarring is continuing to fade and the texture of my skin is certainly more uniform. I can't wait to see how my skin looks a month down the line. Thus far, I can only sing its praises.

Have you tried the Origins Original Skin Serum? What do you reckon?


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